I have been a professional in the mental health field since 1978, first as a Psychiatric Nurse, later as a Family Therapist, and for the last thirty-one years as a Licensed Psychologist.  I have a broad background and have worked with a variety of emotional/behavioral issues. Over the years I have assisted individuals, couples and families in their healing process.  I am repeatedly impressed by the resilience of human beings. In my work I focus on the strengths of my clients, as well as journeying with them through their difficulties


  Life holds many challenges.

Transitions are particularly difficult to manage.  Symptoms of depression or anxiety may arise and new coping skills may be required.  Depression is often characterized by feelings of sadness or lethargy which interfere with daily living.  Depression may also be expressed in feelings of intense anger, or destructive behaviors such as substance abuse.   Feeling overly anxious and fearful  may be symptoms of  clinical anxiety.  Anxiety can also reduce your ability to conduct your life in a satisfactory way.  If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, anxiety or other symptoms of distress, please contact a professional in the mental health field.  Many symptoms of emotional/mental health are treatable.   


The relationship between a client and therapist is an important factor in the success of therapy.

 The decision to contact a therapist is not an easy one. Choosing a therapist can be confusing.

Whether a referral comes from a friend, physician, or insurance carrier, it is important to determine for yourself if a therapist meets your needs and is properly qualified to help you. Because you should feel comfortable with your therapist, it is a good idea to interview several before making your final selection. The following suggestions will help you choose the best therapist. Be sure the therapist:

·                    Has experience in your specific interests or problem

·                    Has proper professional training, credentials, and licensure.

·                    Has good standing in his/her professional organization.


   The decision to participate in therapy is important and can change your life in many positive ways.


Joanne Peeler PhD,

 Past President Georgia Psychological Association                                           


 Dr. Peeler is not accepting new clients at this time.

 Please contact the Georgia Psychological Association  for referral information at 404 634 6272.  GPA is an excellent resource for qualified Psychologists.